What is Artistic Swimming?

Artistic swimming is a discipline which combines technical perfection, synchronization, choreography, artistry and expressive power.

In other words, it is a mix of swimming, dance, and gymnastics.

Artistic swimming was first seen at the Olympics at the Los Angeles Games in 1984. It originally only had solo and duet events. The team event replaced these event in Atlanta in 1996, with the duet event returning at the Sydney games in 2000. Since then, every summer Olympics has hosted a duet and team competition.

Swimmers are judged in three different categories. In the technical routines (or figures for provincial stream), there is a special focus on the elements that make up many of artistic swimming’s leg movements. In the free routines (or just team for provincial swimmers), the swimmers are judged on execution, artistic impression, and difficulty.

Find out more about artistic swimming at https://olympics.com/tokyo-2020/en/sports/artistic-swimming/