Intro To Artistic Swimming 2021!

Welcome to Intro to Artistic Swimming!

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The Intro to Artistic Swimming programs DO require a basic swim assessment: we ask that all swimmers are able to complete 25m (1 pool length) of swimming on their front, 20 seconds of treading water with their chin above the water, as well as comfort in deep water (unfortunately our pool does not have a shallow end for athletes to be able to stand up).

If you are unsure about your swimmer’s skills we always conduct an assessment on the first day and will provide recommendations based off of this. If you swimmer needs some more practice before joining this program we always provide a 100% refund.


On the first day of each session, please be on deck 15 minutes early.

Nose clips and bathing caps will be available for purchase during the session.

What is Intro to Artistic Swimming?

This program is recommended for swimmers 6-8 years old. This program is designed to teach the very basics of Artistic Swimming in a fun and safe environment. The program ends with a skills demonstration so that family can come to see what their athlete has been learning (dependent on Covid protocols and compliances).

If you are interested in this program, or if your athlete falls outside of the age range (6 to 8 years of age) but is still interested in the program, please contact for more information.